Relationships Manager

  • Location Sydney, NSW
  • Job Type Full-time
  • Reports to: Head of Business Development
  • Salary:  $75,000K plus super  
  • Burn Bright employs its staff under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award. This job is classified under this award as Level 3.1.
Leading Not-For-Profit Organisation 
An exciting opportunity to join a team with the common vision of allowing young people to flourish, understand their influence, and impact the world selflessly. 
  • Not-For-Profit organisation named the most innovative charity in Australia for 2018 & 2019!
  • Be part of a fun, collaborative and inclusive team
  • Help to make a difference in young people’s lives 
Burn Bright is a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation, that was established in 2014. At Burn Bright we encourage, challenge and develop students through tailored experiential leadership, wellbeing programs, digital programs, and national camps. We are student leadership and wellbeing specialists who work with students from Year 5 to Year 12/13 in Australia and New Zealand. We operate not only Burn Bright, but also a set of additional brands and products that impact the lives of young people across Australia; some of which include the National Leadership Forum, Ignite Camp plus others. More info about Burn Bright:
You will be employed under Burn Bright and this role will see you holding a division of relationships held by Burn Bright and other brands the Burn Bright manages. With these stakeholders, you will be the main point of contact throughout all steps of product and service delivery for Burn Bright offerings and other brands inclusive of product/service delivery for in-person and digital programs and national camps/conferences. 
Your day-to-day is fast-paced with talking to stakeholders on the phone, writing emails, and building connected relationships with Schools, Community Organistions, Corporate Partnerships, and Educational Institutions. This role will work closely with the Burn Bright Relationship Manager, Burn Bright Camps and Conferences Manager and report to the Head of Business Development. This role has a strong, shared focus on the expansion/growth of Burn Bright and the other brands Burn Bright manages. 
Your role will focus on the following detailed functions: 
    • You will manage the sales function for Burn Bright’s schools and parents helping us to grow our digital programs as your primary focus. On occasion, you may assist the team with sales for Burn Bright face-to-face programs and camps. 
    • Specifically you will manage:  
      • 35% – In-bound leads – action and conversion of warm inbound leads for digital. 
      • 65% – Outbound sales – responsible for stakeholder outreach and outbound cold lead generation and conversion. We would assist you with school lists and customer profiles for your outbound calling. 
    • Manage new clients to the point of purchase.
  • Develop and maintain an in-depth knowledge of Burn Bright programs, impact, and offerings for young people, schools, and community organisations.
  • Complete effective and detailed CRM management of all new stakeholders, sales, leads, and purchases. 
  • Create proposals and quotes for teachers and partnering community organisations.
  • Work as part of the business development team to implement strategies that help Burn Bright to grow. 
  • Cold outreach to complete a government contract to deliver our digital courses to 20,000 young people from low SES, regional and remote school communities to participate in our digital individual leadership courses. 
** This role will not facilitate in schools or attend Burn Bright camps except on the infrequent occasion when it is helpful to gain a further understanding of the programs we deliver. 
Please see below two of the additional brands Burn Bright manages and ones that would be included as part of your role. 
National Leadership Forum 
The National Leadership Forum brings together leaders aged 18-26 from across Australia and the Pacific to explore and expand their leadership through the lens of values, compassion, and connection.
Over 4 days, young leaders will spend time alongside Members of Parliament, leaders of business,  and other young leaders from various stages of life to consider who they are as leaders, how they can expand their leadership repertoire, and how they may use their authentic leadership to serve others.
The Forum program includes keynote addresses by political and business leaders, leadership workshops, small group sessions, panel discussions and more.
More information about National Leadership Forum:
Ignite Camp is a school holiday camp held over the Victorian September school holidays (Junior Camp 10 – 14-year-olds) and Victorian April school holidays (Senior Camp: 14 – 18-year-olds). Ignite is designed to make sure every young person feels known, loved and empowered to take action in their own life, family and community.
Ignite runs in partnership with Burn Bright, which brings with it over 10 years of knowledge in running camps, school programs and community activities.
More information about Ignite:
In any role at Burn Bright, we look for someone with the required skill set, but above all, has the right cultural fit. We are looking for a natural connector who enjoys building interpersonal relationships with our stakeholders. Burn Bright will provide all of your training and development required to fulfill the role, however, some other key desirable skills that will enable your success are: 
  • Genuine interest in seeing and helping young people flourish
  • A keen eye for detail and doesn’t shy away from a task list –  there will be a few of those! 
  • Is comfortable with being on the phone for a lot of the day, having sales-focused conversations, and cold calling.
  • Enjoys a challenge and is KPI and target driven
  • Holds a positive attitude and values growth personally and professionally
  • Develop and maintain an in-depth knowledge of Burn Bright programs and the brands Burn Bright manages. 
  • Excellent detailed-oriented and customer-focused communication skills. I.e loves people, listening, and creating experiences that are individual to the needs of our stakeholders. 
  • Enjoy working both independently and collaboratively in an often fast-paced environment. Experience in Relationship Management or a similar role; a bonus – strong working experience within the not-for-profit / for-purpose sector or specifically in schools Relationship Management. 
The ideal candidate will demonstrate their ability to live out our Burn Bright values:
  • Serve outside the spotlight
  • Be daring
  • Put your relationships first
  • Heart centred
  • Better never stops
  • Celebrate quirk, bring joy
  • Embrace your story
Burn Bright’s office is currently located in Thornleigh, Sydney and as a part of this role, you will be required to attend the office on regular occasions. We may move office locations in the next 6-12 months, which will be more centrally located. 
At Burn Bright we pride ourselves on our heart-centered culture. We believe in building each other up – Affirming the good in one another and putting your relationships first. By joining our Team you will have the opportunity to:
  • Celebrate your quirk
  • Work closely with stakeholders to help their young people lead themselves and with others, whilst also building protective factors for their wellbeing. 
  • We have flexible working arrangements, which include a combination of in-person office time and flexible working from home arrangements. 
  • We have team day every fortnight on Friday, where we meet as a team to enjoy a meal and share what’s happened over the past fortnight and what is upcoming for the next. 
  • Each year Burn Bright has a Team Retreat where we go away for 2 – 3 days to build relationships and reconnect with our vision. 
A few final things: 
  • Burn Bright is a child safe organisation and takes safeguarding and child safety extremely seriously. All staff that work for Burn Bright are bound by a strict set of policies and practices that are designed to protect and care for all the young people we come into contact with. 
  • You will be paid fortnightly. 
It is a requirement that you have the following:
  • A current paid employee NSW Working with Children Check (if you don’t already have one, you have a willingness and ability to get one. Any job offers will be conditional on having a valid check).
  • Willingness to have a police background check carried out on your behalf to ensure you meet our strict working with children requirements. 
  • You must not have any criminal offenses that would prohibit you from working with children or be barred from working with children in any global jurisdiction.
To be considered for the role you will need to: 
STEP ONE: Please formally apply by emailing, indicating your interest and attachings your Resume and Cover Letter. You can also directly apply via the LinkedIN job advert by submitting your Resume and Cover Letter. 
STEP TWO : If your CV catches our eye, you will then progress to stage two and receive an email with a link to our Willo application, this will require you to answer 6 x short answer questions to camera via video submission. This will help us to get to know you quickly! 
STEP THREE: If successful in stage two you will then progress to the final stage: 
  • Phone interview.
  • Face-to-face interview with Head of Business Development and COO.
  • As a part of this step of the interview process you will be required to undertake a National Police Check.
If you wish to make contact with our team prior to, or during your application, please reach out on (02) 8070 9217

I found Burn Bright in the midst of studying civil engineering at the University of Wollongong, just as I wanted a richer, deeper, more full experience of life.

Through Burn Bright, I have met many students and volunteers who are all seeking to find their place in the world. When we come together at NLC or SLC, no matter our age, we begin on the same page, of wanting to do good for ourselves, our community, and the world. And then we are thrown into a program that brings us closer to each other, our purpose, and how to bring forth this impact. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Volunteering with Burn Bright stoked a fire in me – It helped me feel comfortable in myself and made me realise life isn’t just about work, study, or productivity, but our relationships and how we connect with others along the way.

I have learned skills in videography, worked for a top-tier corporation in marketing, and most recently published a book called “18 and lost? So were we” 

I have a passion for storytelling, bring loads of energy wherever I go, and am dedicated to helping young people move through the initiation of leaving high school and going into the ‘real world’. 

The best part for me is being able to stay connected to the latest generation growing through high school. To see them grow, expand and express more of themselves is like watching an artwork paint itself. It’s magic.

I am Simon Thurston, a Kiwi based in Perth. I work as an Instructional Designer and in my spare time I enjoy reading, running, and board games.

Since my initial connection to Burn Bright I have been onboard with their mission. Burn Bright’s focus on building the capabilities enables students of all ages to see how they can shape their world through connections with others and their own self discovery.

Seeing others grow, learn, and open up is what keeps me coming back, to help others realise their potential and how they can influence their future and their community is a definite highlight. It’s infectious, the atmosphere when they run a program or camp is welcoming, exciting, emotional, and rewarding all in one.



Hi, friends! I’m Kelsie, a psychologist from central QLD working in private practice. I got involved with Burn Bright officially in 2016, but the journey started long before that. I attended the National Leadership Camp (now hosted annually by Burn Bright) in 2009. It had such a profound impact on me that I returned as a mentor and volunteer. Those connections ultimately lead me to joining the Burn Bright team as an adult.

When I transitioned from facilitating with the Burn Bright team to working as a psychologist, I was so grateful for an incredible foundation of skills (particularly facilitation, communication and interpersonal skills) along with a strong grounding in positive psychology that Burn Bright integrates into their ethos.

I can’t imagine my life without volunteering for Burn Bright. I have met some of my dearest friends through the Burn Bright crew. I’ve found that volunteering for BB is rewarding, humbling, and often brings as much personal growth for the volunteer as it does for the young person.

From a professional perspective, I love that Burn Bright programs/camps support the adolescent individuation process by providing an exciting and supportive environment for teens to explore their own sense of self, personality, identify and values alongside other young people.

Imagine this POV: you’re back at school wanting to figure everything out and fit in – and you find
yourself in a room with amazing music that uplifts you and hooks you in. You meet the team of
dynamic, interesting, caring facilitators whose own friendships inspire you. Their facilitation skills bring about amazing light-bulb moments and lessons that light a fire inside you… It makes me want to feel that for myself again. The next best thing, for me, is volunteering for the team who passes that on to other young people.

My start at Burn Bright is one of the best cases of one door closing and another door opening. After losing my job at a local pub while on uni holidays, I started looking for new opportunities that were different and decided to volunteer. Searching for opportunities, I found working bees, community driving and nursing home visits, but the chance to become a National Leadership Camp intern stood out. Over nearly six months, I worked with the team to pull off Burn Bright’s first National Leadership Camp, and had an absolute blast in the process. After camp, I started working for Burn Bright while studying, doing anything and everything — data analysis, hiring strategy and even picking up furniture.

Finishing up working for Burn Bright in 2019, I am still actively involved with the Burn Bright volunteer community. I’ve found that the emphasis placed on investing in your relationships, understanding your values and making an impact allow you to be accepted for you. This has given me the tools needed to make the difficult decisions that life will inevitably throw at you. Besides all that, I’ve had a ton of fun and formed life-long friendships with people I may have never crossed paths with otherwise. “Get involved — you’ll change your life for the better and make life‑long friends in the process”.

I am a health science student from Perth wanting to get into the mental health realm of occupational therapy. In the meantime, I work as a barista and supervisor at a beachside café. In my spare time, I love to play netball, be around my friends and I have just gotten into crocheting. I went to Perth College where I was lucky enough to go to the first Perth College Leadership Camp in 2018 as a student and absolutely loved it. What really drew me in was the atmosphere that was created, the open conversations, and the lasting relationships formed.

Since then I have been a mentor for the Perth College Leadership Camp in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and had the opportunity to go to the National Leadership Camp in 2019. When Burn Bright comes to Perth I also love helping out at their programs as much as I can.

Volunteering for Burn Bright has given me so much that I could never have imagined. I have learned so much about myself and I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities that I know I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t exposed to the amazing opportunities volunteering for Burn Bright has given me. Before being involved I would never have seen myself being a mentor, role model, and facilitator to students, but now I can confidently say that I am, and I have made an impact on others that I am proud of. I have also made so many meaningful connections to so many amazing people from all around Australia through Burn Bright. I get asked quite a bit why I keep coming back to my old school to volunteer and it’s simply because I was given this amazing opportunity to be a part of the Burn Bright programs and if I can help facilitate that experience to someone else then why wouldn’t I?

I was born in Perth and moved to Sydney in my early 20’s to continue work as a youth worker and surfboard maker. This was followed by 30 years working in IT as a computer programmer.

Following retirement in 2016 I searched for an organisation that was aligned with my values of servant leadership and service, especially in the youth space. This search led to Burn Bright where I am now volunteering one day a week and mentoring at the National Leadership Camp. Volunteering with Burn Bright gives me a great deal of hope and confidence in the next generation of leaders. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Burn Bright family.

I have been married to Denise for 41 years and we both very much feel part of the Burn Bright team.

When not at Burn Bright you may find me running along Manly beach, riding my mountain bike or indulging in my passion for photography.











Hi! I’m Rosie, a 20-something full-time public servant, part-time Tassie tourism advocate.

I am passionate about seeing young people succeed, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching them become the next generation of change-makers.

I have been a champion of the ethos and work of Burn Bright since its inception in 2014, and consider them to be the leading experts in their field. By delivering impactful leadership and wellbeing programs to students across Australia, they offer the knowledge, skills and engagement to invoke lasting positive change in school communities.

The Burn Bright team are dedicated, inclusive and values-driven, which is why I love working with them.