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Last Updated: 29th September 2020

To our Burn Bright Community,


As Australia and New Zealand return to life post COVID-19 we are looking forward to working with young people and schools again. The most important thing for Burn Bright is health and wellbeing of our staff, students, schools and teachers we partner with everyday.

As we work across many different states in Australia we are adhering to government restrictions on travel and external education providers, however we are back and working in schools in a COVID-safe way and adhering to our COVID safe plan which is available on request.

We understand that as life returns to normal schools still have in place a range of measures to protect the safety and wellbeing of their students. Burn Bright has in place a range of measures to continue to ensure we can run our programs in a safe but accessible manner.  For more information please call our office on (02) 8070 9217 or email on info@burnbright.org.au. We are quickly filling up for future program bookings during 2020  + 2021 and we would encourage you to get dates on hold as soon as possible.


At times like this young people more than ever will need greater understanding of how to build their wellbeing, stay connected and look after themselves and so Burn Bright is  committed to enabling access to our programs through expanding our online delivery.

We have a range of online offerings and opportunities that are growing by the day and these can be found at https://www.burnbright.org.au/online


National Leadership Camp will definitely be returning in July 2021, stay tuned for more details!

This page will be updated regularly when future updates come to hand.

Thanks again for your support,

The Burn Bright Team

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