Welcome to the People Project Podcast information page. Everything you need as a podcast guest should be housed below. If you have questions or need any support at all prior to the interview, please email media@burnbright.org.au and we will do everything we can to help you out!

About The People Project Podcast

The People Project is hosted by Burn Bright, a not for profit organisation established in 2014. We facilitate student leadership and wellbeing programs and national camps reaching approximately 20,000 young people every year throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Burn Bright’s vision is a world where young people flourish, understand their influence and impact the world selflessly (cool right?!). We believe that through a foundation of strong relationships, understanding what you stand for (your values), having a vision for your life and who you want to become, and developing an attitude of grit and resilience through challenging times, we can live a successful, flourishing and impactful life.

The way that we live out our vision, is by building connected communities that encourage young people to seek authenticity, hope, self-awareness and meaningful relationships – The People Project is one of the ways we do that!

The People Project is a series of conversations where we dig below the surface and ask people for their stories. Living a life of comparison is far too easy for young people when our social media only shows the highlight reel. Through The People Project, we want to show young people that even people that we deem as successful, have had struggles and challenges along the way. We want young people to understand that life and success doesn’t come without hiccups and that we all wrestle with the same thoughts.

On The Day

On the day before we start, we would love to take you out for a meal or drink beforehand. One of Burn Bright’s leading values is “put your relationships first”, and we mean it! We find that by spending some time together before we start recording eases any nerves (on our end too!), lets us get to know each other better and helps with a far more relaxed and natural conversation.

Once we’ve had something to eat or enjoyed a good coffee or beer, we will head to our offices where our podcast recording studio is located. We will spend about 10 minutes setting up, doing a sound check and making sure everything is working. Once everything is ready, we press record!


Our recording studio is based out of our offices, which is located at:

Burn Bright, 3/2a Pioneer Ave, Thornleigh, NSW


Things to Think About

Our aim is that our conversation should be relaxed and in your zone, so no real preparation is needed. However, if you wanted here are some great things to think about:

What are your values & the important things in life to you?
How have your values changed over time and when have they been challenged?
How did you find your passion? Were there struggles along the way?
How have strong relationships played out in your life?

Who Are Our Listeners?

To be completely honest with you, we’re not sure! This podcast thing is completely new for us. What we do know however is that our reach through our daily school programs and wider community is young people, and we expect the people downloading our podcasts to be aged between 16-24.

Downloads and Promotion

The People Project Podcast will be distributed on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic & Stitcher. We will also be filming our chat and the content will be distributed on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

In order to promote the podcast our team will create a short promo video prior to the podcast, as well as a graphic which we will give you access too. We will also tag your social media profiles in all of those posts.

What We Need From You

In order to give you the best experience, please send through the following prior to your interview so we can make sure the interview is seamless:

  • Your mobile number, incase we need to get in contact with you on the day.
  • Your bio, so we can make sure we get our intro right
  • Any social media accounts or websites which you would like us to promote.
  • Any upcoming projects, events or special occasions you would like us to promote or talk about.

We can’t wait to have you on The People Project!