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Burn Bright exists to promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression.  We are student leadership and wellbeing specialists who work with students from Year 5 to Year 12 in a collaborative, fun and inclusive team culture. This brings about positive behavioural change, a shift in mindset and personal wellbeing, allowing students to make informed choices and decisions.


Burn Bright Leaders lead by example. They have demonstrated the capacity, skill-sets and personal attributes to inspire their students to embrace the notion and actions required to become leaders themselves.


At Burn Bright we encourage, challenge and develop students through tailored experiential leadership and wellbeing programs. Burn Bright programs create a vibrant learning environment that involves: activities, sharing of personal stories, music and video to establish a safe space for freedom of thoughts and self expression.


Primary School

Year 5 – 6

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Intermediate School

Year 7 – 9
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Senior School

Year 10 – 12
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Burn Bright’s Programs Are Based Upon Our Theory of Change

Burn Bright exists to promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, we exist to help young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing in a proactive and preventative way.  We do this through using a range of positive evidence-based strategies that help young people to take charge of their lives.

Burn Bright’s program development and delivery is based upon our theory of change. Our theory of change is an evidence based plan that focuses on a young person’s psychological growth and development. Our theory of change is Burn Bright’s formal plan for its activities that promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, in young people within Australia.

Our wellbeing programs specifically target psychological wellbeing based upon risk and protective factors of mental health.  You can see more about our theory of change and evidence we use to build, design and deliver our programs by clicking below.

There is no ‘one size, fits all’ approach, each and every Burn Bright program is highly focused, tailored and adapted to needs of the students and the school. Burn Bright’s curriculum is focused on demonstrating how students can turn theory into action by practicing and road testing skills learnt before applying them in their own lives. To reinforce this, we provide follow-up opportunities to encourage students to make the change last.

Burn Bright’s Wellbeing Programs

The concept of psychological wellbeing refers to optimal psychological functioning and life experience. Burn Bright’s ‘wellbeing’ programs don’t refer to a general sense of wellbeing but a specific definition of psychological and eudaimonic wellbeing.  Eudaimonic wellbeing explains that wellbeing is just more than being subjectively happy, eudaimonia is about the actualisation of human potential and true nature (Deci & Ryan, 2001).  Eudaimonia occurs when people’s life activities are most congruent with deeply held values and are holistically or fully engaged. Under such circumstances people would feel intensely alive and authentic, existing as who they really are (Deci & Ryan, 2001).






Assessing Wellbeing

Burn Bright has partnered with wellbeing assessment experts – Assessing Wellbeing in Education (AWE). Through our partnership with AWE, after each program we will provide you with a scientific and research proven report of the impact and effect of the Burn Bright program and a snapshot of the wellbeing of your student group. This data is collected through a pre, and post program survey, completed by students who attend the program. The AWE assessment consists of a collection of validated psychometric scales and scientifically informed questions from psychology literature that assess various aspects of wellbeing.

Burn Bright Online Learning Modules

Burn Bright’s online portal, The Burn Bright Academy, gives students have an opportunity to continue their learning after a program finishes. This online portal allows students to experience unique, online modules specific to the Burn Bright program they experienced, with the hope of reinforcing learning outcomes. These modules can be purchased with your program to extend the learning opportunities and reinforce the key messages from the day.

State Of The Nation

Burn Bright has the great privilege and opportunity to work with thousands of students each year in every state of Australia. We take an anonymous snapshot of how young people across Australia are thinking, feeling and experiencing life. After Burn Bright’s program you will then receive an anonymous report reflecting the mindset and trends of your group, and how those results compare against the national average.

National Leadership Camp

Burn Bright is the official host of National Leadership Camp. National Leadership Camp is a four day camp hosted in Sydney for high school students eager to explore the foundations of leadership and what that looks like in their own lives. Every program package you book with Burn Bright will include the option to take up discounted National Leadership Camp places. This will provide you with the opportunity to nominate students or young people at your school or in your community to be a part of this life changing experience. This offer is not valid for primary schools or third-party organisations.



Global Citizens

Year 5 and 6 – An Exploration of the World Around Us

Australia’s young people are not just citizens of Australia, but are also a part of a wider global fabric, and all have a role to play. We believe a healthy understanding of the world around us should start in primary school. Cultural awareness and understanding is imperative as young people begin to navigate a place where multiple cultures, values, beliefs and differing understandings come together, both online and offline. We seek to build values and principles young people can use to see the world through an impactful and outwardly thinking lens. Global Citizens provides young people with the opportunity to broaden their horizons to a global outlook and approach; this program endeavours to help students understand the impact of their choices on the world, and take positive steps towards being a global, digital citizen.

• Building positive and inclusive friendships
• Becoming a person who supports others and gets to know people who are different
• Appreciating difference and celebrating diversity
• Developing empathy – Putting yourself in others’ shoes
• Making a positive impact in our community
• Encouraging a change to how we view the world in order to develop a greater understanding in social and cultural settings
• Being an active citizen – Identifying issues that exist as a global citizen and developing ways to resolve them.
• Digital Citizenship – The online sphere is a great place for us to learn about others and appreciate them for who they are. Students learn to be constructive members in digital spheres.
• Resilience – Developing a capacity to bounce back from challenges and understand how important a positive attitude to difficult challenges is.


Year 5 and Year 6

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“Very positive, thank you! The team were very approachable and patient with the students. They delivered the content very well!”

Paddington Public School


Recipe For Success

Friendships and Connections Program

The transition to high school is an enormous time of change and can often be challenging and unsettling for young people. It is vital that students build a sense of connectedness with their peers and the wider school community. If students are able to lay the foundation for the future early then high school can be an enjoyable and successful stage in their life. The Year 7 ‘Recipe For Success’ program provides students with a toolkit to help them build important skills that will assist them in this time of transition. It assists young people to build a sense of identity, supports new friendships and enhances self efficacy to improve resilience.

• Support in building positive relationships with their peers to enhance a greater sense of belonging.
• Build confidence to take positive steps to continue developing and nurturing new and existing friendships into the future.
• Understand their own strengths and the strengths of others.
• Appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.
• Discover key ingredients for achieving their best and making positive choices.
• Enhance students’ capacity to be resilient and deal with difficult situations.
• Be inspired to make a difference at school.


Year 7

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

It’s In Our DNA

Friends. Passions. Integrity.

The early high school years are formative for friendships and are when students begin to explore their identity. This is an enormous period of change and it is important that young people build a sense of connectedness with their peers and school community. ‘It’s In Our DNA’ is our friendships and passions program that seeks to explore peer-to-peer relationships and the importance of finding and following what you are passionate about with those around you. It looks at the joys that authentic and meaningful friendships bring and provides strategies and ideas to aid students’ navigation through friendships during the school years. Burn Bright empowers students with the skills to enjoy friendships constructively and how to navigate them when they become tricky. We explore with students what passions are and how these can be a meaningful catalyst to find purpose, enjoyment, belonging and identity in their life.

• Build and encourage connections and friendship within year groups, to feel a greater sense of belonging.
• Find purpose and identity in the things you enjoy doing or are passionate about.
• Understand that we change and grow and it’s ok for your passions to change and grow as well.
• Help to build a sense of identity and capacity to be resilient.
• Appreciate our own strengths, appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.
• Understand and display empathy and selflessness.
• Identify and apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
• Recognise that stronger relationships equal stronger performance.


Year 8 and Year 9

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program


Boys Self Efficacy Program

The journey to manhood has never been an easy one and involves a search for identity and meaning. More and more boys are growing up without healthy male role models and as a result lack the guidance to live healthy and respectful lives. IGNITE is designed to challenge traditional concepts of manhood and to help young boys grow into men with strength, integrity and respect. With only the boys together, our program is designed specifically to engage young men with new thoughts and positive messages about how they can live happier and more genuine lives. The program becomes a catalyst for challenging conversations about being a man in the 21st century. The day explores three important values for growing into a man: strength, integrity and respect. This program is very active in nature and allows boys to be boys.

• Understand the impact of personal choice on themselves and the world around them – your actions have consequences.
• Realise that it’s healthy to discuss the pressures and influences of life and that they don’t have to journey alone.
• Recognise self-value and build self-worth.
• Explore and understand what qualities make a man and how to use these qualities to make a change in their life.
• Build positive communication strategies and techniques.
• Understand strength, integrity and respect and the changes they can make in their lives to live out these values.
• Identify and use strategies to be resilient.
• Recognise and display altruism and selflessness that would lead to an increase in self-esteem.


Year 9 and Year 10

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program


Girls Self Efficacy Program

There are so many influences on young women which make their journey through adolescence sometimes tricky and conflicting. Having to navigate peer pressure, body image, media influences, expectations, online and digital spaces and much more can be daunting and often girls find it difficult to deal with these changes that are occurring. With only the girls together, this program will discover how young women can seek to respect themselves and others in their immediate worlds. SPARK provides the tools which help young women build confidence, positively express themselves, understand their values, cultivate gratitude and perspective and build their capacity to be resilient. The program aims to enhance emotional intelligence and empowers students to build positive and healthy relationships with their peers, parents and their community.

• Build a framework of values helping to positively explore the challenges of adolescence.
• Recognise self-value and build self-worth.
• Gain confidence and recognise their own strengths.
• Understand what external influences exist and how to filter these messages.
• Explore strategies to deal with expectations and pressure, seek perspective and build resilience.
• Develop healthy and positive friendships with their peers and wider community.
• Investigate what holds them back and how to work through road blocks.
• Recognise the power of their words on themselves and others.


Year 9 and Year 10

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“The activities were engaging for the girls yet had meaning that they related to”  

Meriden School NSW


Altitude Program

Developing the attributes of a person of great character is a lifelong journey, that all too often falls to the wayside in the pursuit of academic or extra circular excellence. Burn Bright’s Altitude wellbeing program explores the concept that as we approach the great heights of our high school journey and look ahead, it’s crucial that we explore the foundations of our character as this is what guides us, not only in our triumphs but also in times of challenge. Throughout the program we will delve into the cornerstone skills and reflections needed for oneself to achieve long term personal success. We believe a foundation of healthy strong relationships, and exploring intentional relationships attribute to one’s journey in and out of school. Burn Bright believes success is cultivated from a strong support network, but more so, a true understanding of one’s character. The Altitude program encourages this practice through exploring daily practices, continued self-reflection, and conversation around how we can be the best version of who we are, for ourselves and others.

• You are the people you surround yourself with – An exploration of what strong relationships look like and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
• Find your core – An exploration of how one’s values define you, as it’s your values that will ultimately define your direction
• You choose – A look at how you choose your Altitude, and that your past and present don’t have to define your future
• Show GRIT – Obstacles, detours and challenges are going to happen, and we need to learn how to bounce back with GRIT
• Being dynamic – Using your unique skill set to be successful
• Learn to serve others – A look into how thinking about, helping and serving others not only helps the world around us but brings us personal joy
• Enjoy the journey – An exploration about how important it is to enjoy the people, circumstances and experiences around us now rather than worrying about the future


Year 10 and Year 11

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

Yr 12 SHIFT Program

An exploration of key pillars that will help us through often stressful new unchartered areas of our lives. New stages of life bring about new challenges. Every new challenge requires an ability to respond in a healthy way and with a positive approach. Young people in their final year of school face a unique set of challenges. These challenges include finding a balance, managing expectations, dealing with stress and navigating relationships. Not only are these students completing their final year but they are looking beyond to the opportunities and possibilities that exist. We equip young people to deal with the challenges that they will face, think beyond school and provide them with tools and strategies to move through this time with resilience and a healthy positive attitude. This program is designed to focus on the individual and to understand the world around them. We provide an effective foundation to journey through Year 12 and life beyond school.

As this program can be run at varying stages in the Year 12 journey the content and messages will vary. The program can be run with varying emphasis, or a mix of both, either; helping new Year 12 students to ‘survive’ their final year of school OR to develop capacity with school leavers to navigate the world that exists beyond their school life. The program follows a format of identifying an issue and empowering students to tackle that issue with practical skills and strategies to create change.

• Identify the key problem areas of Year 12 and be able to develop and implement healthy solutions to combat these.
• Build a greater personal effectiveness including time management, learning styles and dealing with procrastination.
• Able to navigate and build constructive relationships including conflict resolution techniques, developing a healthy support network and effective communication.
• Understand the importance of ‘enjoying the journey’ no matter how difficult it may seem.
• Develop a capacity to be resilient and bounce back from challenges.
• Recognise the importance of finding a balance and looking after yourself.
• See that you are more than a mark.
• Develop practical skills and strategies to help build for the future in front of them.
• Create a personal vision for the future and explore what taking the next step after school is all about.
• Build a foundation of values.
• Identify your own strengths and the strengths of other around us.


Year 11 and Year 12

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“The facilitators were professional, organised, engaging, and meaningful in what they delivered”  

Daramalan College ACT