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To the class of 2020, coming into our final year of high school under the covid-19 rules school is just not quite the same. At this unusual time, many students will be undertaking online learning which for many of us it will be a different approach to our usual learning. Being at home while completing work can become distracting, unmotivating and stressful when the work starts to pile up. One thing we don’t want to happen is to be stressed in our final year of highschool.

Throughout this blog post I will give 4 tips that have helped me tackle my final year of highschool through lockdown or isolation.

1.  My first tip would be to stay organised. Being organised is definitely the key to achieving what you want. Make a calendar or schedule and write down your classes for everyday. A way I find myself being more productive is to make things look pretty (sounds silly I know) but to colour coordinate each subject a different colour. For example, english is pink and then I know I have to complete that on that particular day etc. Another tip I find useful to being more productive and organised is making a to-do list. This is a very simple way to get school work done by writing it down and the due date so you can work backwards and write down how much time you are going to need to complete your work. Have a tidy desk or work space, put your phone on silent and remove any other distractions you may have around you to keep your focus clear.

2. Stay self-motivated. Being stuck at home, it is something that as students we have never gone through before so everyone has to have the adaptability to work from home. This includes whether or not you are a day student or a boarder. If you are a boarder, a tip I would suggest is that you keep routine and do prep the same time you usually would at the hostel. If you are a day student, making a routine you stick to daily will help you have the motivation to do your work. Staying motivated is different for everyone, some people may be more motivated than others you just have to have a positive mindset. Another tip I would suggest to keep motivated is to find your drive. Think about the things that make you want to do your work. Credits, to feel a sense of achievement or simply just to get good marks. For example, a thing that is going to keep me motivated during lockdown, especially in my last year of highschool is getting enough credits that pass university criteria that will get me into my chosen courses.

3. stay connected with your peers. This is the final year everyone will be together, before everyone makes their own decisions on what they want to do after high school. As we aren’t able to be sitting in class in front of a teacher or next to our peers, messaging our friends for help before emailing a teacher is a lot quicker. Your friends may also be able to explain it in a way that you would understand it. Even though we have to keep our distance, flicking your mates a text message asking how they are or what they are upto only takes 2 minutes out of your day. Also connecting via Zoom, Houseparty and Facetime are good ways to see your friends. You could use this time for studying together or working on a project you may have been doing at school. 

4. Stop stressing.  We are all in the same boat. Stressing about school work often leads to procrastination which means school work is put off and you stress about it for longer. A way to not be stressed is to take breaks for yourself. For example, a way I find is really helpful is to set a timer for an hour at which I do work then I have a 15-30 minute break doing whatever I choose. Some ideas could be doing some exercise, making a snack or scrolling through online shopping…Something I am doing during lockdown on top of all my school work is volunteering in my local community called the “Student Army” it is an organisation that helps deliver groceries and medical supplies to people over 70. This is something that is totally not school related but enables me to have a break from my desk and give help to others around me. 


Overall, during lockdown we still have to do school work and complete our final year of highschool whether we like it or not. It is different but I strongly believe that if you put your mind to it you are able to achieve anything you want. Find your drive and do the best you can. I hope you are able to take something away from these 4 tips and just enjoy the rest of 2020!. 


Start now, not tomorrow.


Written by, Beth Anderson, National Leadership Camp 2019 attendee.


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