15TH National Leadership Camp, 11th – 14th July 2019


National Leadership Camp is a highly interactive, challenging and motivating program that brings together students from across Australia. The program focuses on developing personal character and a sense of value, identity and purpose whilst also enhancing leadership and character resiliency skills.

Over four jam-packed days, the National Leadership Camp will delve into values, service, grit and vision to enable leadership growth and development. What sets the National Leadership Camp apart is the small group experience enabling mentored discussion and reflection. This unique opportunity allows students to unpack the highly engaging keynote speakers, interactive seminars and outdoor team challenges that make up the remainder of the program.

Nominations For 2020

Due to COVID-19 2020 National Leadership Camp has been cancelled and will not occur in 2020. National Leadership Camp will definitely return in July 2021!  Once you have nominated a young person, they will receive an email to complete a student profile. Once this has been submitted the student’s nomination will be complete.

Young people can be nominated by any parent, teacher, school or community member. If you have any questions about the National Leadership Camp or the nomination process please contact our office at (02) 8070 9217 OR NLC@BurnBright.org.au.




July 2021

To cater for students wellbeing, we strongly recommend students from inter-state and rural NSW arrive in the evening on the day before camp starts.









$580 (gst-free)

The price includes all accommodation, meals, venue hire, a resource folder and all camp activities!

Students arriving on Wednesday 8th July, will incur an extra cost of $75 to cover accomodation, dinner and breakfast costs.

“National Leadership Camp has taught me that leadership skills are not only used in school but in life too. It’s hard to put into words what this camp has done for me because I have never been so welcomed into an amazing group. It has given me the confidence, skills, and leadership qualities to live my life well.

Yasmin – WA 2018 Year 11 Student


Values, Service, Grit, Vision

Values, service, grit and vision are the foundation to an authentic leader. Each day at National Leadership Camp is framed with a theme per day to dive deep into how we can lead ourselves and lead others.  To help us explore the particular theme of the day, the program (see below) is written to enhance, excite and challenge students understanding. We operate through an experience based program where young people who attend National Leadership Camp can not only hear great ideas but are able to put them into action in a safe and fun environment.

The Program

Our program is based on over 15 years of experience running National Leadership Camp. The program is jam-packed and designed to make the most of the 4 days we have together. Throughout the 4 days, students are broken into small groups of approximately 10 other students. This small group is lead by 3 adult mentors who are specifically chosen by Burn Bright. The program is designed to have a variety of elements to create a holistic experience for everyone who attends. Each day, students participate in small group discussions, large teamwork based group challenges, listen to inspiring speakers from around Australia and New Zealand and are challenged and encouraged to think about what leadership means for them. Once again in 2019 National Leadership Camp has been endorsed by the Federal Government and the Minister for Education.

Our Speakers

Every year National Leadership Camp hosts a range of Australian leaders from different spheres and walks of life. We invite people who share their story and their learnings from their time as a leader and who bring immense experience and wisdom to the National Leadership Camp Delegates.  Past speakers have included Robyn Moore, Matt De Groot, Lisa Griffiths, Pip Russell, Matt Purcell, Nathan Hulls, David Koch, Barnaby Howarth, Mike Baird and more! There are lots of surprises in store for 2020! Watch this space.


(02) 8070 9217



Our fabulous and amazing team are the people who bring National Leadership Camp to life! We are lucky to have volunteers who come from all parts of Australia and New Zealand. These people give up their time because they understand and know the impact the National Leadership Camp has on young people. Our camps have such an inspiring effect and relevance, that many students decide to return to Burn Bright post their secondary schooling to ‘pay back’ and become Mentors to the next generation of leaders.



FROM: Wagga Wagga, NSW

CURRENTLY: Studying Engineering at University of Wollongong




FROM: Bendigo, VIC

CURRENTLY: Working as a Registered Nurse



National Leadership Camp fosters an increase in positive emotion, more desire engage in passions and hobbies, higher recognition of fulfilling relationships, stronger connection to a sense “life purpose” plus a higher opinion of one’s own accomplishments.

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Average student Increase when students asked 'I Am A Leader'
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Student Resilience Increase who initially scored 0-25 on the resilience scale


“NLC was outstanding. I highly recommend it to everyone who gets the chance. It changed my life and I will take all of these skills beyond camp into reality. It has made me more confident and I’ve developed my understanding of leadership.”  

Joherty, 2018 Year 10 delegate from TAS

“I’m so thankful for my NLC experience this year. I think I have learned so much about life in general, as well as about myself. I think I am returning home not as a different person, but with a strengthened mindset.”  

Emelia, 2018 Year 11 delegate from SA

“NLC has shaped, taught, and guided me to be the best version of myself and the ways in which I can teach this to the people around me.”

Amelie, 2018 Year 10 delegate from NSW


“WOW our son came back from camp an even more driven teen then what he was before. He LOVED every minute and said it changed his life. THANK YOU to all of you for doing an amazing job and running this leadership camp for this age group. It sounded so amazing, I want to come!!! He has definitely put in place lots of ideas and visions for what he wants to achieve and we both know he will kick his goals. He has the world at his feet and we know he will go out and work hard for what he believes in. Thank you and keep up the incredible inspiring work.”

“Mother of a Year 11, NSW Delegate.”


Do All Young People Get Accepted?

National Leadership Camp 2020 has a maximum capacity of 120 student attendees, including 10 returning delegates from the past years camp. Generally the first 120 young people to be nominated will be accepted. National Leadership Camp has State by State quotas in place to ensure it is a truly national event. Burn Bright does reserve the right to decline a nomination. If a nomination is declined full payment will be returned.

Is National Leadership Camp Endorsed?

We are proud to say that National Leadership Camp in 2019 was endorsed by the Federal Government and the Minister for Education the Hon. Dan Tehan.

Why Do We Ask Young People To Be Nominated?

For two reasons. Firstly, we feel that adults in young people’s lives will be the best people to encourage their attendance at National Leadership Camp and help them prepare for the event. Secondly, we feel that National Leadership Camp is a truly impactful event and subsequently we ask that young people are nominated to have an adult they can check in with and process the experience once they return home. We encourage nominators to play a role in providing support, guidance, encouragement and helping young people to put into action what they learned at National Leadership Camp.

Who Should Attend National Leadership Camp?

Any young person who shows an ability to influence others, who has a passion to make a difference in their school or community or who desires to enhance their leadership potential should attend.
Young people who attend National Leadership Camp are in Years 10 – 12 (15-18 years). We have found students in Years 10 and 11 get the most out of the experience.

What Supervision Structures Are in Place?

National Leadership Camp has an adult to student ratio of 1:3. We ensure that we have a highly trained and skilled group of volunteers and Burn Bright employees who are on hand to ensure the experience is unforgettable for all students who attend. During the camp, students are broken into a small group of approximately 10 other students with 3 dedicated adult leaders. We have a camp counsellor on site 24/7 for any issues that may arise during the time away at camp. It is a requirement that every leader and team member who steps onsite at National Leadership Camp has a valid Working With Children Check and has passed a National Police Check. Male and female students are also provided with separate accommodation.

Steps To Nominating A Young Person To Attend Camp

NLC has a nomination process for two main reasons. Firstly, to reach out to our network and community to nominate young people to NLC who they see will find real value in the camp. Secondly, to ensure the young person has a support network and adult mentor in the lead up to camp and also after the delegate has returned home.

  • A Young Person Is Nominated To Attend

    A teacher, community member or a parent nominates a young person to attend NLC, through the online nomination form, accessed from above.

  • The Student & Parent/Guardian Completes Student Profile

    As step two of the nomination process the parent / guardian and the student completes some final key details of the nomination process.

  • The Nomination is Reviewed

    All applications for camp are considered for their suitability to attend. Delegates will receive an official acceptance letter from Burn Bright confirming their attendance.

  • Final Confirmations Are Received

    A few weeks out from camp delegates will be contacted with their pre camp packs.

  • The Young Person Attends NLC

    The young person attends NLC in Sydney July 2019.

Transportation – How Can i Get There?


There are two transportation options available:

1. Make your own way to and from: Vision Valley Conference Centre, Arcadia, Sydney NSW

2. Supervised buses departing Sydney Domestic Airport and Central Railway Station will be arranged for delegates needing transportation to the venue.

Student flights and general transport bookings must be made to correspond with the following coaches times available:

  1. Wednesday 10th July: bus departing Sydney Domestic Airport 5:00pm – we strongly recommend all interstate / rural students arrive on Wednesday evening (an extra cost of $75 will be applicable for meals and accomodation)
  2. Thursday 11th July: bus departing Sydney Domestic Airport 8:45am – please book arriving flights before 8.30am
  3. Thursday 11th July: bus departing Central train station 9:00am

Students are expected to arrive back at these locations for drop-off on Sunday, July 14th. You will need to organise your own transport (e.g. flight, train, etc..) from these locations. We suggest you make any relevant flight/bus/train bookings for after 5:30pm on Sunday.

  • Sunday 14th July: bus arriving at Sydney Domestic Airport approx. 4:45pm – please make flight bookings later than 5.30pm
  • Sunday 14th July: bus arriving at Central Station approx. 4:30pm

Financial Support For Students

The actual cost of running the National Leadership Camp is approximately $900 per student. However, to keep National Leadership Camp affordable Burn Bright fundraises to cover the difference. We do not want finances to be a barrier for anyone to attend. Therefore, we have put together a sponsorship kit (please email nlc@burnbright.org.au to request a copy), which gives you a letter of endorsement, as well as a host of fundraising ideas to assist you to raise the necessary funds to attend National Leadership Camp. Our team is happy to support you in any way possible.

We have found that the young people who put in an effort to fundraise to attend National Leadership Camp gain a whole lot more out of the experience than those who are sponsored with little or any effort. We have also found that young people who have a strong desire to attend have been able to raise the funds, as there are generally many businesses and organisations in each local community who are willing to support the initiative.

Please let us know sooner rather than later if money is an issue for you! Part and full scholarships will also be available for a limited amount of delegates based on a set criteria. Please email nlc@burnbright.org.au for more information.