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Over the past few months, there have been some crazy and uncontrollable times. We have been through some stuff recently. Through all of this however there is one thing that we should never forget, and that is each other. So here at Burn Bright we thought we would throw together some challenges for how you can stay connected with those around you despite being in isolation!


Take your snapstreaks to the next level and fire off some daily encouragement to all of your friends on Snapchat and ask them how they are doing, it is a great way to connect with people.  On average there are 3 billion snaps sent every day! Imagine if we could uplift and encourage our mates through a simple daily snap. 


Let’s take it back to the old days and write out some letters to your three closest friends! There is something pretty special about putting pen to paper and how exciting is it to receive a letter in the mail! In this letter let them know somethings that you appreciate about them and remind them of your favourite memory with them!


Now this challenge is not for the faint of heart. 

Most of us have Instagram right? Well, the other day I was scrolling through the people I followed and I realised that there were so many friends I haven’t talked to in a long time. The challenge for you is to go through the people you follow and comment on every single one of their latest posts! Start conversations, find out who the people in your life are and ask them how they are going at the moment. 


How good is Tik Tok in a time like this?! Really though, it could be easy to waste a lot of time scrolling away, but we encourage you to use Tik Tok to connect with your friends, this challenge is to hit up those classy duets with your mates and create some FRESH new content! Make sure tag Burn Bright in there too! @BurnBrightAU


This is such a cool time to set some plans up for the future, see how you can help those around you as a group and make some plans to reach out to people from your school that are maybe in other groups. Remember one of the most powerful things you can do is think WE and not ME. 


We know this may be tough right now, and if you ever feel like it is getting too much, remember that you are never alone.. Reach out to people and talk. Sometimes just a brief message can let someone know that you are thinking about them and can start some great conversations. Feel free to fire out a message to Burn Bright on any of our social channels too, and good luck with your connection challenges!

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