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Burn Bright exists to promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression. We are student leadership and wellbeing specialists who work with students from Year 5 to Year 12 in a collaborative, fun and inclusive team culture. This brings about positive behavioural change, a shift in mindset and personal wellbeing, allowing students to make informed choices and decisions.


Burn Bright Leaders lead by example. They have demonstrated the capacity, skill-sets and personal attributes to inspire their students to embrace the notion and actions required to become leaders themselves.


At Burn Bright we encourage, challenge and develop students through tailored experiential leadership and wellbeing programs. Burn Bright programs create a vibrant learning environment that involves: activities, sharing of personal stories, music and video to establish a safe space for freedom of thoughts and self expression.


Primary School

Year 5 – 6

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Intermediate School

Year 7 – 9
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Senior School

Year 10 – 12
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School Leadership Teams
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Burn Bright’s Programs Are Based Upon Our Theory of Change

Burn Bright exists to promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, we exist to help young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing in a proactive and preventative way.  We do this through using a range of positive evidence-based strategies that help young people to take charge of their lives.

Burn Bright’s program development and delivery is based upon our theory of change. Our theory of change is an evidence based plan that focuses on a young person’s psychological growth and development. Our theory of change is Burn Bright’s formal plan for its activities that promote the prevention of mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, in young people within Australia.

Our leadership programs specifically target psychological wellbeing and prosocial behaviour. To empower young people through leadership strategies, to enable peer to peer support for others and promote strategies for mental ill-health prevention within their schools and communities. You can see more about our theory of change and evidence we use to build, design and deliver our programs by clicking below.

There is no ‘one size, fits all’ approach, each and every Burn Bright program is highly focused, tailored and adapted to needs of the students and the school. Burn Bright’s curriculum is focused on demonstrating how students can turn theory into action by practicing and road testing skills learnt before applying them in their own lives. To reinforce this, we provide follow-up opportunities to encourage students to make the change last.




Assessing Wellbeing

Burn Bright has partnered with wellbeing assessment experts – Assessing Wellbeing in Education (AWE). Through our partnership with AWE, after each program we will provide you with a scientific and research proven report of the impact and effect of the Burn Bright program and a snapshot of the wellbeing of your student group. This data is collected through a pre, and post program survey, completed by students who attend the program. The AWE assessment consists of a collection of validated psychometric scales and scientifically informed questions from psychology literature that assess various aspects of wellbeing.

Burn Bright Online Learning Modules

Burn Bright’s online portal, The Burn Bright Academy, gives students have an opportunity to continue their learning after a program finishes. This online portal allows students to experience unique, online modules specific to the Burn Bright program they experienced, with the hope of reinforcing learning outcomes. These modules can be purchased with your program to extend the learning opportunities and reinforce the key messages from the day.

State Of The Nation

Burn Bright has the great privilege and opportunity to work with thousands of students each year in every state of Australia. We take an anonymous snapshot of how young people across Australia are thinking, feeling and experiencing life. After Burn Bright’s program you will then receive an anonymous report reflecting the mindset and trends of your group, and how those results compare against the national average.

National Leadership Camp

Burn Bright is the official host of National Leadership Camp. National Leadership Camp is a four day camp hosted in Sydney for high school students eager to explore the foundations of leadership and what that looks like in their own lives. Every program package you book with Burn Bright will include the option to take up discounted National Leadership Camp places. This will provide you with the opportunity to nominate students or young people at your school or in your community to be a part of this life changing experience. This offer is not valid for primary schools or third-party organisations.


Where Did You Hear About Us?




Students in Year 5 and 6 are often enthusiastic to take on leadership roles and our leadership development program aims to encourage that passion. We enable primary students to become strong and resilient leaders who want to make a difference. We believe this starts by recognising that as the leaders of the school, they are role models. The program seeks to integrate a range of key leadership messages through an interactive approach which allows ideas to be put into action and to see young people become impactful leaders.

• Understand the impact their leadership, both individually and as a year group, can have on their school and their peers.
• Seek to foster positive friendships and look out for each other.
• Identify the qualities of a good leader and recognise their own strengths.
• Improve their sense of self and enhance their confidence.
• Develop a capacity to overcome difficulties and be resilient.
• Learn how to work and cooperate with others.
• Have fun and leave wanting to make a difference.


Year 5 and Year 6

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“Brilliant! Loved It! Fantastic facilitators, they were so engaging”  

Dural Public School NSW


Inside Out Leadership Program

“Leadership Starts From Within”

A leadership program designed specifically for Years 7-9. An interactive reflection on that before we lead, we must first start to look within. Growing the next generation of leaders should start in the early years of high school. At Burn Bright, we believe that an exploration of leadership from an early age builds and develops strong, resilient and empathetic leaders who are willing to serve and put others first. Whilst students in year 7 to 9 may not have a badge or hold a particular leadership position an introduction to key leadership concepts and an understanding of how to lead one’s self is vital for future development. This program engages students whilst making leadership relevant to their current stage of life. It explores the power of our influence, servant leadership, resilience, the importance of healthy relationships and fostering an understanding that we are always leading in some capacity. The content and messages are aspirational and broad but are designed to specifically challenge students to recognise how they can become effective leaders and use their influence from a young age.

• Understand they have influence and be challenged on how they are using that influence.
• Identify the qualities of a good leader and recognise their own strengths and the strengths of others.
• Improve their sense of self and enhance their self confidence.
• Develop a capacity to overcome challenges and be resilient.
• Seek to foster positive friendships and look out for each other to enhance a greater sense of belonging.
• Understand the importance of service and start becoming a person who serves others.
• Appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.


Year 7 – Year 9

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

Digital Leadership Program

“Influencing Positively Online”

A look at how we can find congruency with our behaviour in the digital world, and how we all can have a positive influence online. Digital and physical spaces are now blended to the degree that young people often view them as synonymous. Digital media and the internet have become the backbone of communication, removing any barriers once held by geographical space. We are constantly being told that Gen Z are the most connected generation in history but what does that really mean for young people who engage in multiple digital spaces on a daily basis? Our Digital Leadership Program takes a positive perspective delivered by young facilitators who understand the stresses and complexities of a 24/7 networked life.

We approach this program through the belief that young people have a unique ability to lead and influence others when they are navigating digital spaces. We encourage students to build a foundation of values and explore their character to create a foundation for the decisions they make. We unpack the idea that the digital sphere is constructed, helping young people to see how we can create a false identity and a fake image of ourselves. We explore the concept of anonymity online and the consequences our actions may have on relationships and on our future. This program places the onus back on young people and empowers them to make decisions for themselves when using digital spaces.

• Appreciate that we are never anonymous online and understand the consequences that can come from our actions.
• Build a foundation of character and values that can transcend all dimensions of our life.
• Deal with peer influence and recognise the importance of taking a leadership role in online space. We can be role models online and offline.
• Understand the impact and power of our words online, the power of gossip and rumours in online spaces and how we can resolve conflict effectively.
• Develop an awareness of others and the impact digital spaces can have on our relationships.
• Explore identity and the concept that we can still be ‘real’ not constructed people online.
• Become balanced and aware of our use of technology.


Year 8 to Year 10

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“The facilitators had a good mix of content which kept the students fully engaged.”  

Warilla High School NSW


Summit Leadership Program

“Mindful and Conscious Leadership For Others”

An exploration of leadership that focuses on being mindful and conscious of who we are, how we are influencing others and how are we personally growing. Burn Bright’s Summit Leadership Program explores how young people can build a strong sense of character and values, take responsibility for their decisions and actions, develop a strong self-efficacy to become more resilient and build relationships with their peers that are trustworthy and genuine.

At Burn Bright we believe that leadership starts with a mindset for others through a development of ourselves. Year 10 and 11 students are about to step into a senior leadership role at school and our Summit Leadership Program aims to encourage students to think more broadly about their foundations and the impact their influence has on others. Burn Bright’s Summit Leadership program helps young people to:

  • Understand that conscious and mindful leadership starts with an exploration of our own decisions, behaviours, actions, personal strengths and values.
  • Seek to serve others and think win / win.
  • Build genuine and trustworthy relationships and show appreciation for others.
  • Allow students to realise the impact of their behaviour and influence and the opportunity they have for meaningful contribution to their community and the world around them.
  • Take responsibility for their actions and the outcomes of those actions.
  • Seek perspective, overcome judgements and celebrate others differences.
  • Explore healthy decision making, the power we all have to make choice and the consequences of our actions.
  • Understand the importance of communication online and offline.
  • See the power of a vision for the future and finding something that you enjoy doing.
  • Find things that challenge you and help you to grow.


Year 10 and Year 11

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program



This exploration of leadership in the senior years focuses building authentic leaders who use their own values, beliefs and behaviours to model good leadership to the rest of the school. Authentic leaders lead from their values and are aware of their own and others strengths and use these strengths to serve others.

Growing authentic leaders is not necessarily a framework or a checklist for leading others but is a mindset as to how a senior leader thinks, behaves and looks out for others. Burn Bright’s Senior Leadership Program equips students with the understanding that we don’t need a badge to have influence and that as leaders we need to build our grit and begin to practice our values. Instilling essential leadership and character development values and traits in students now will continue to build a flourishing foundation for the future.

• Grow as authentic leaders who can role model positive leadership to the rest of the school.
• Understand how they can use their influence and impact of their leadership on their peers and the school.
• Appreciate the importance of investing in their relationships to build a healthy support crew.
• Understand the power of servant leadership and that service is often found in the little things we do everyday.
• Under that we need to practice our values and know how we use them in testing times.
• Build an intrinsic vision and grow their grit to motivate them for the future.


Year 11 and Year 12

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“Our experience was very positive, I would definitely recommend Burn Bright for other programs at HVGS or other schools”  

Hunter Valley Grammar School NSW

Leadership Teams


With a vision and united direction, a prefect team has the capacity to mobilise and strengthen their peers and be positive role models for the students they lead to ultimately transform their school culture. Our prefects program uses practical and theoretical underpinnings of leadership to support the prefect team to become effective leaders and embrace servant and relational leadership. The program helps the team to build a foundation of a common vision and values to underpin the year ahead. This program unpacks specific skills such as effective communication, school-life balance, project planning, running meetings, uniting and managing their year group and being a link between the students and the school. When the prefect team is equipped with the right drive and skills they are empowered to make a meaningful difference.

• Empowered to strive towards being a more effective team.
• Build, foster and strengthen relationships within the team.
• Understand their role within the school and their individual role within their prefect team.
• Develop a vision for the year ahead.
• Develop ideas and projects for the year ahead with a clear understanding of how to successfully implement and communicate them.
• Leave with an understanding of service and motivation to be servant leaders.
• Enhance their understanding of themselves and those around them.
• Have the capacity to be resilient and navigate the challenges of Year 12 whilst balancing the prefect role with other responsibilities.
• Understand the differences in their team, the strengths others bring, resolve conflict and recognise their own strengths in leadership.


Prefects or Senior Leadership Team

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day or Half Day Program


Student Representative Councils (SRC’s) have an enormous opportunity to transform the culture and make a significant impact on their school. We believe that all high functioning teams should know each other well and develop and maintain a vision and strategy that is inspiring and allows for a meaningful contribution. Often students are also elected into the SRC without having the skills or knowledge of how to cooperate, communicate, plan or execute projects.

Our SRC program is designed to provide foundational leadership concepts, aid in delivering a common vision, build relationships with other members and develop a team approach. We also provide specific skills such as project planning, running effective meetings and engaging communication with peers. Our SRC program becomes a catalyst for change and to help the council make a profound impact.

• Create and implement a vision and strategy to develop meaningful initiatives and projects to implement in their school community.
• Build and strengthen relationships.
• Understand their role in the school and their individual role within their SRC.
• Empowered to strive towards being a more effective team.
• Develop a capacity to be resilient and manage challenging circumstances.
• Build conflict resolution strategies and understand the importance of open communication.
• Equip students to communicate effectively, market their vision and initiatives, creatively think and problem solve enabling students to implement and deliver on these within their timeframe.
• Have an appreciation for the strengths of the team as a whole as well as the individual strengths and contributions from each member.


Student Representative Councils

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day or Half Day Program


Peer Support is a unique opportunity for students to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of students younger than them, whilst actively serving the school community. Peer support leaders help new students to make the transition into a new school environment. They have the ability to make this experience exciting and meaningful whilst removing the fear and anxiety new students often face. They actively build relationships with younger students and often run structured sessions that help younger students navigate this new environment.

This program focuses on servant leadership, how to facilitate effectively, work in a team and care for new students. It is practically focused, allowing students to have the opportunity to gain confidence with their own facilitation and understanding of how to effectively run sessions. The program also provides students with practical examples of activities they can use with their new students.

• Understand and realise the impact their role as peer support leaders has on new students but also their peers and the wider community.
• Develop strong communication and facilitation skills.
• Enhance their understanding of how to effectively lead and support a small group of students.
• Grow a desire to actively participate in creating and promoting a positive school environment.
• Discover and understand their own leadership strengths and the strengths of those around them.
• Learn skills to get everyone on board and actively participate, resolve conflict, and wok as a team.
• Have fun and learn how to make their sessions engaging as well.


Peer Support Leadership Group

Min. 2 Burn Bright Facilitators

Full Day Program

“Excellent, just what was needed to get the SRC bonding and focused on their role in the school.”  

St Ives High School NSW